Your Ultimate Fragrance Destination - ABOUT PERFUMER/JEWELER
.Shades of Blue Aroma Bar and Indigo Sapphire Jewels  is owned and operated by Kem  Moore affectionately known as Zsa Zsa.  I was inspired to name my businesses with  something related to Blue because of my love for all hues of blue. Blue symbolizes rebirth and creation. Also, the diversity of the color blue offers a calming experience and an open flow of energy no matter the shade.  
My vision has always been to own a boutique that features clothing, jewelry, accessories, and organic body products and perfume. Basically an all around  Boutique, for the Woman who likes everything.  This journey has begun....
I have been hand making semi precious stone jewelry mixed with sterling silver findings for over 14 years now as Indigo Sapphire Jewels. I have been told I have an eye for stylish and bold pieces and developed quite a following.  As Indigo Sapphire Jewels grows I will continue to make and sell all kinds of chic & trendy semi precious stone and sterling silver jewelry from all over the world.  
S.o.Blue Aroma Bar  product line  is designed to appeal to those who prefer all natural products not having been packed with unhealthy preservatives. I created these body products due to having had many adverse and allergic reactions to commercial products.  In addition I have always had a nose for scents and a love for traditional and exotic Indian, Egyptian and Oriental Fragrances.  With the help of an Egyptian Couple who helped me mix fragrances at their store I  began making body products and have swiftly become a Perfumer.  The line includes sensuous exotic body butter, smoothing skin polish, enchanting perfume oils, handmade soap, oil infused body mists, incense, bath teas ,  candles and oil burners. All  fragrance blends were created by me, and have been designed to blend with male and female hormones to give off alluring fragrance. .
I hope that my merchandise will incite the senses and that S.o.Blue Aroma Bar or Indigo Sapphire Jewels will quickly become one of the avenues you seek for your shopping pleasure! I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Takoma Park , MD
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