Your Ultimate Fragrance Destination - TESTIMONIALS

Hi Kem ,
My name is El and I just had to contact you and let you know I have been using your Indian Summer body butter on my 2 year old hair and body and not only does he smell great but his skin is so soft and his hair is well moisturized and soft and he has the driest hair in America .Enough about him... lol tell me tell you what the same product has done for my face that was breaking out like crazy all over my cheeks dark and red pimples everywhere the skin was rough and uneven and painful to the touch, I purchased your product in Silver Spring at a event on Mother's Day and the rest is history 1 week later my skin is no longer red and irritated nor painful to the touch the texture has also changed in such a short time and its no longer breaking out everyday, I can see the tone of the skin is also improving in this short time , and to think I wasn't going to use it on my face because of the fragrance glad I did. One more thing about this amazing product my feet feel soooo soft and I'm no longer embarrassed of the dead skin , I was thinking if it's only been a week in a half how I'm I going to look in 30 days . I will be letting you know ... me and my baby both thank you

To my awesome Sis Kem Zsa Zsa Moore....omg I'm in my office smelling my body oil and I just wanna bite's delicious! I need to order a bucket of every fragrance I recently got from you! 
-Nataki Murray

I was very excited to receive my package in the mail today from S.o.BlueAromaBar!! I needed my Indian Summer oil and body I'm ready for my trips to Florida!!
-Elerie Thomas

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